Software Engineer, Robert Donna

Robert Donna


MicroTools, Inc., Simsbury, CT

Software Engineer, 2000-Present

Part-Time Consultant, 1991-1999

Dynamic Controls Corp., South Windsor, CT

Software Design Engineer, 1983-1990


  • Experience designing, developing and testing software on mainframes, PCs and embedded systems.
  • Excellent working relations with management, customers and co-workers.
  • Reliable; proven commitment to high-quality results.
  • Demonstrated leadership in managing people and systems.

Computer Knowledge

  • Designed and implemented software written in C, Visual C++, Visual BASIC, Z8002 assembler, ADA, PASCAL, PL/C, FORTRAN, dbase.
  • Performed design review, code review and module test involving C and ASM code for multiple PowerPC processors, GreenHills real-time operating system, AdaMulti debugger scripting and LDRA Testbed for C and Assembler.
  • Developed software under Windows, Linux, VMS, HP_UX, and UNIX  operating systems.


Software Design, Implementation and Testing

  • Tested a series of Linux-based programmable biometric time and information management terminals, communicating over serial and Ethernet to a host computer. Wrote programs in a Universal Command Set language to test terminal functionality and communications.
  • Performed design review, code review and module test for commercial helicopter fuel control under EU (French) Aviation Authority.
  • Led teams of 2-5 software engineers through all phases of development of aircraft avionics software in a real-time, embedded environment.
  • Reviewed customer requirements to ensure clarity, completeness and safety.
  • Coordinated with hardware designers on hardware/software interfaces.
  • Designed and coded software to customer requirements.
  • Conducted customer and internal requirements and design reviews.
  • Designed and conducted all phases of software testing from module testing through full system integration using special test equipment.
  • Supported testing performed by Systems group and customer.


Communication Skills

  • Conducted customer and internal requirements and design reviews.
  • Prepared documents to MIL standards for project guidelines, software design and software testing.
  • Conducted demonstrations of software for customer.



Central Connecticut State University, New Britain, CT

BS in Computer Science, 1983