Sr. Software Engineer, Mike Scudder

Mike Scudder



MicroTools Inc., Simsbury, CT

Senior Software Engineer, 1998 – Present

Chief System Architect and Senior Software Designer for a Linux based embedded solar energy monitoring system. Programmed in C and Linux shell.

Ported and developed software to make a commercial timeclock work with biometric fingerprint readers. Developed an API for use by other developers in C and Java (using JNI). Created programs in C and Java which exercised the API.

Performed design review, code review and module test for commercial helicopter fuel control under EU (French) Aviation Authority. Involved C and ASM code for multiple PowerPC processors, GreenHills real-time operating system, AdaMulti debugger scripting and LDRA Testbed for C and Assembler.

Developed new functionality and a wide range of new Swing screens for a Java based production line console (PLC) for the glass manufacturing industry. Provided a collision avoidance user interface written in Java interfacing with C programs and MatLab using JNI. Used Sun J2SE toolset, CodeWright, ODBC and MicroSoft Visual SourceSafe.

Developed digital signature tools and communications subsystems of an IBIP postage device. Involved Borland C++, SMX RTOS, RS-232, an embedded modem, TCP/IP, PPP, and DES encryption.

Brought glass industry PLC software up Y2K compliance. Built Perl utilities and Brief macros to identify and correct problems in a huge source code base. Also, researched issues with PC BIOS’s QNX, DOS, OS/2 and ROM DOS.

Maintained QNX Based real-time PLC. Involved Computer Innovations and QNX C compilers.

Maintained and provided field support for an OS/2 Borland C++ based defect detection system for the glass industry. Project also involved Windows Visual C++ programming and ARCNET and Ethernet sniffers.

Maintained glass industry servo controllers in Z80 assembler code.


Applied Computing Systems Institute of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA,

Software Engineer, 1996-1998

Maintained Internet search engine developed by Center for Intelligent Information Retrieval. Involved C/C++, Java and CVS source code control.


UMass Computer Science Department, Amherst, MA,

Software Engineer, 1996.

Part of a team in the computer vision lab at the University of Massachusetts working on measuring changes in stroke damage over time from MRI images for the Baystate Medical Center Neurology Department. Involved KBVision, Aphelion, Perl, Lisp, C/C++, and Unix


Baystate Medical Center, Springfield, MA,

Software Engineer, 1994-1996

Programming and research consultant for the computerized childbirth-modeling project mentioned in Education section below. Involved AutoCAD, Perl and BASIC.


UMass Computer Science Department, Amherst, MA,

Software Engineer, 1981-1993

Worked with the computer vision research group in the architecture subgroup. Helped develop a benchmark for architectures doing image understanding. Implemented a compiler targeting the IUA (Master’s project). Wrote various library and testing routines for the architecture.


Applied Econometrics, Amherst, MA,

Software Engineer, Summer 1989

Initial development of a Windows 3.11 program for automating convention bureau housing operations using a network of personal computers. Continued to consult for the company through early 1994.


Vellore Christian Medical Center, Vellore, India,

Volunteer, 1986

Acted as a general consultant, teacher, and trouble-shooter for the computing center. Also wrote a detailed specification for the software for a system to graphically display EEG data. Involved Fortran.


Dynamic Controls Corporation, South Windsor, CT,

Software Engineer, 1982-1986

Wrote real-time software for airborne military computers. Taught a course to the prime contractor (McDonald Douglas) on the design of the software involved. Developed software tools. System manager for a PDP 11/44 computer system. Involved RSX-11M, VMS, MSDOS and Z8000 assembler.


General Electric Company, Schenectady, NY,

Software Engineer, Summer 1980 and Summer 1981

Developed visual part recognition and location software for an assembly robot with Dr. Nelson Corby in the Automation Laboratory.



Clarkson University, Potsdam, NY

BS in Biology and Computer Science, 1982

University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA,

MS in Computer Science,  1990

Master’s project was a compiler for an image processing language (Apply) which targeted the massively parallel Image Understanding Architecture (IUA). Also pursued PhD through 1996. Doctor’s project was to create a computerized (CAD) human childbirth modeling system, using images and measurements from medical imaging.