Senior Software Engineer, George C. Huntington III

George C. Huntington III


MicroTools Inc., Simsbury, CT

Senior Software Engineer and Network Manager, April 1995 – Present

Works on Python medical device: Involves designing and coding Python interface to LCD display, air manifolds and I2C devices .

Works on Linux OS. Involves: Creating Yocto and Open Embedded Projects for countless Linux ARM projects; wrote or modified cell modem drivers; Wi-Fi drivers; I/O drivers; display drivers; camera drivers, bit banged I2C and SPI drivers and custom drivers for custom hardware;  Creating GUI interfaces with touch screen and mouse interfaces; worked on Real-Time Extensions to achieve millisecond deterministic repeatability. Has built Linux up from both reference designs and straight from

Works on u-boot. Involved: Modifying u-boot to work on countless Linux ARM projects. Included creating graphics interface for splash screen and thermometer at bootup as well as power on system tests (POST).

Worked on Android. Involves: Create Yocto and Open Embedded Projects for ARM projects; wrote or modified cell modem drivers; WiFi drivers; I/O drivers; display drivers; camera drivers, and custom drivers for custom hardware.

Worked on a power monitor wireless communication device for client. Involves: 8051 processor, C and ASM coding, Testing, electrical hardware modifications. Worked on numerous Glass Manufacturing products. Involved: Software Development and Testing, reverse engineering of Z80 Assembly code for migration to C/C++, user interface design, motion control, a proprietary database protocol, QNX, OS/2, Windows.

Worked on MicroTools PalmOS MIDI software. Involved: Visual C++, Install Shield, Hardware prototyping and reworking, outsourcing manufacturing, and PalmOS programming.

Tested embedded Petroleum Tank monitoring system for client.

Worked on numerous Postal Meters and Scales for client. Involved: Software Development, Hardware and Testing, barcode printers and scanners, C/C++, ASM, Borland 3.1, SMX, Greenleaf (serial), Meter communication protocols, BootLoader coding, BoardTest fixture coding, end user software loading tool under Windows, graphics manipulation tool, Windows serial programming, UPSLink, Touch Screen user interface, graphics driver, hardware assembly, integration of products from merger.

Worked on MicroTools line of testing products. Involved: Testing, prototyping, electronic hardware assembly, reworks, training others to assemble, outsourcing of manufacturing, programming dos and windows utilities, code review of PIC Programming.

Wind turbine control system electronic hardware repair for a client.

MicroTools Network Management – Involves purchasing and maintenance of all computer and network systems, OS/2, DOS, various forms of Windows, Linux, Lantastic, Windows SMB, TCP/IP, Routers, Firewalls, Mail Servers, Web Servers, FTP Servers, DHCP Servers, DNS registration and configuration, telephone block, coax and cat5 wiring, PC construction and repair.


Python, C, C++, Java, Lisp, Prolog, VB, Fortran, regular expressions, CGI, Java Servlets, PIC Programming, Pspice (Circuit Design and simulation), Orcad, Microchip’s PIC toolset, GNU, DOS batch and Unix shell programming.

Proficient with logic analyzers and oscilloscopes in trouble shooting hardware / software / systems problems.


Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Worcester, MA,

3 years completed toward BSEE, Minor in Computer Science.