Software Engineer, David Donna

David Donna


MicroTools Inc., Simsbury, CT

Software Engineer, May 2013 – Present

  • Designed, implemented, documented, demonstrated, and oversaw testing of software, including:
    • cloud-hosted applications to receive, store, analyze, and present information
    • TCP and HTTP middleware to receive, process, and relay data from a fleet of
      embedded devices to third-party servers
    • software for embedded Linux systems to interact with hardware and servers
    • browser-based user interfaces for customers’ products
  • Managed the deployment of software systems to AWS virtual machines
  • Interfaced with customers, including:
    • collaborating to establish system requirements
    • providing on-site support for system development
    • training customers’ in-house engineers to facilitate product hand-off
  • Trained coworkers in several technologies, including Python, Javascript, HTTP
  • Participated in code reviews, as programmer and as reviewer
  • wrote web-based application software for embedded software systems

Amston Studio, LLC — software consultant (August 2015 – October 2016, April 2018 – present)

  • Maintained and extended web applications
  • Collaborated with customers to establish product requirements and incorporate feedback
  • Wrote a suite of SDKs in several languages for third parties to connect to a customer’s web


  • Python, Javascript (legacy, ES6, Node.js), BASH, C, PHP, Java, Rust, OCaml
  • relational databases, especially PostgreSQL, through ORMs and hand-written SQL
  • Web interfaces in HTML/CSS/JS, with experience in React and jQuery
  • APIs (REST, JSON-RPC, custom protocols)
  • Git version control, with and without centralized remote repositories


McGill University,Montreal, Quebec

BS in Software Engineering, 2013.