Director of Operations, Daren Yeo

Daren Yeo



MicroTools Inc., Simsbury, CT
Director of Operations,  2016 Рpresent
Management of daily activities, customer relations, personnel management, new business opportunities, and project proposals.


MicroTools Inc., Simsbury, CT
Senior Software Engineer, 2010 – 2016
Designed, developed and coded PIC systems for therapeutic hospital beds, wound healing equipment and portable oxygen concentrators

Operating System Design: RTOS, multi-tasking, implementation of pre-emptive time slicing OS, BIOS design, board bring-up, Board Support Packages (BSP), time-critical coding methodology, integration of Green Hills Integrity RTOS, Linux

Processors: MicroChip PIC, ARM processors, Freescale PowerPC, 8/16/32-bit processors, processor architectures (RISK, DSP, CISC), Atmel AVR family, Motorola micros and DSPs, AMD, Freescale ColdFire, Intel x86 / 8031

Languages: C/C++ language, numerous assembly languages, HTML, strong Object Oriented designs

Communication Protocols: USB, UART, network stacks , Ethernet TCP/IP, DHCP

Tools/ IDE: real-time debuggers, Greenhills MULTI, AVR IDE, Wind River products, ISI (Integrated Systems Inc.), Intel MS Visual Source Safe, Net Burner OS, GCC GNU C, Kiwi Syslog, Beyond Compare, MS Visual C++, CodeWright Editor, PC/Lint, Digital and analog oscilloscopes, logic analyzers, signal generators, in-circuit emulators and debuggers; MS Office products (Word, Excel, Access, Power Point)

Hardware Interface: motor control, stepper drivers, servo motor systems, peripheral and hardware interfaces, Xilinx FPGA interfaces / integration, Digital-to-Analog / Analog-to-Digital interfaces, Non-volatile storage (EEPROM, FLASH), sensor input, signal debouncing, actuator output, LCD drivers

General: API, kernel code, dynamic embedded web content, web servers and HTML, servo (feedback) systems, real time systems, device drivers, hardware interface, motion control (robotics), kernel internals, board bring-up, boot loaders, driver development, tools / utilities, build / make systems, excellent debug / problem solving skills


Gerber Scientific Products, Inc. South Windsor, CT
Senior Software Engineer 1988- 2010
Designed, coded operating systems and motion control systems


General Digital, East Hartford, CT
Senior Software Engineer 1988- 1989



The University of Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut
BS in Math/Computer Science, 1988, Magna Cum Laude

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute – Rensselaer, New York
MS in Computer Science, 1992.


US5521480 (1996) “Apparatus and method for defining a reference position of a tool”
US6311539 / US6276586 / US6637634 (2001) “Method for calibrating an edge detection system in a friction drive apparatus”