The MicroTools Team

Below is a list of the MicroTools team members.  As with many small companies, every member brings unique skills and talents which together creates a well balanced, expert, professional resource for your next project.

“Come on over and meet the MicroTools Team” – Daren Yeo
Image: Daren Yeo, Director of Operations, MicroTools Inc.

Daren Yeo, Director of Operations, MicroTools Inc.

Owner and Director of Finance, Robert Japenga, retired, (résumé)

Owner and Director of Product Development, Joseph Lehman, (résumé)

Director of Operations, Daren Yeo, (résumé)

Sr. Software Engineer, Mike Scudder, (résumé)

Sr. Software Engineer, Kevin Stratton, (résumé)

Software Engineer, George Huntington III, (résumé)

Software Engineer, Bob Donna, (résumé)

Software Engineer, David Donna, (résumé)

Test Technician, Nathan Lehman, (résumé)

Test Technician, Joe Thomas, (résumé)

Office Manager, JoEllen Stancil, (résumé)