Engineering Design Services

From your idea or specification to fully functioning device, MicroTools provides design services to bring our embedded know-how and years of experience to your product.  Our fixed price proposals keeps our customers in control of budgets over the duration of the project, with milestones along the way.  Hourly rate proposals allow customers project flexibility while our ‘do-not-exceed’ cost limit allows budgetary control.  


Engineering Consulting Services

MicroTools has years of experience with all aspects of system, hardware, and software design.  If you and your team need consulting assistance in areas such as brainstorming design concepts, evaluating embedded security concerns, planning project execution, selecting hardware technologies, or quantifying embedded operating system trade-offs, MicroTools services can help.  Conference calls, in-person visits, emails – MicroTools will be your second set of eyes on the more challenging aspects of your project.


Engineer Staffing Resource

Short or long term, MicroTools provides hardware and software engineering staff when your project needs a boost.  Project schedule slipping?  Staff members overwhelmed?  Team member leaves the project?  Let MicroTools fill in the gap.  Our engineers quickly come up to speed and provide beneficial results as a player on your team.


Proprietary Embedded Products

MicroTools is constantly looking for new product ideas to bring to life.  We have had some in the past and are looking toward new opportunities.  Direct, licensed, partnered, purchased – all are options we are interested in for our new product ideas.

Helping you produce a successful product

MicroTools works from the start of the project to the final delivery to help our Customers success with their product.  We advise and recommend requirements which will result in the best solution for our Customers using many years of embedded experience.  The following services are available: 


  • Embedded System Design
  • Electrical Engineering    hardware (schematics / PCB design)
  • Software Engineering    software (firmware / OS / Linux / real time)
    • reliable
    • re-usable
    • secure
    • scalable
    • maintainable
    • tested
  • Documentation
    • system requirements specification
    • software requirements specification
    • software project plan
    • test requirements plan
    • system risk assessment
  • Testing
    • phases
    • approaches
    • tracking / reporting methods
    • troubleshooting
  • Certification
    • in the design
    • in the support
    • in the documentation
  • Engineering consulting
  • Business strategy
    • fixed price contracts, Agile methodology
    • time-and-materials contracts
    • our work is yours, IP protection

Our Invitation

Let us help you design an embedded system from the ground up or help you modify the software of an existing system. Not sure about using embedded Linux? We can help you make that decision. Linux isn’t right for every embedded design, but we have used it in a wide variety of projects.

We feature fixed priced contracting and high quality code due to testing, testing, testing. Our areas of expertise are with a variety of operating systems and with a variety of tools sets. We are conversant in numerous languages. If your project requires real time embedded software, give us a call.