MicroTools’ Core Values

Our core values reflect not only how we work but also how we live our personal lives:

People matter – For our business strategy to work, we have to exhibit care and concern for those with whom we work, customer and employee alike. We are interested in long term relationships with our customers and character development in our employees.
Words matter – Clear, thoughtful, sensitive communication is essential for teams to work together successfully.  Detailed proposals, complete specifications, accurate reports all contribute to establishing project expectations.  Keeping in touch with our customers works toward building trust and understanding for the long term.
Creativity matters – As we work together as a team and with our customers, it is a joy to see creative and inventive solutions solve real problems on a regular basis. Out of the box thinking, brainstorming, and an openness to consider alternate ideas is valued in our employees.
Quality matters – Producing quality work is not a given in our industry where flaws in source code or schematic design may only be discovered after problems show up later in the project. We emphasize quality in our work because that is the right way, not necessarily the easy way.
Efficiency matters – Most projects have demanding schedules with very little margin for lost time.  We work “as if the customer is watching over your shoulder”, keeping us diligent, effective, and focused on the tasks of the project.
Long term success matters – All decisions need to be made with the long view in mind. We know that your success will mean success for us.  We want to be part of your next product too.
Testing matters – In spite of careful planning, detailed specifications, and well reviewed designs, the complexity of typical systems can result in unexpected problems.  We mitigate this risk by careful and thorough testing at several points along the development process.  Our motto is: “If it’s not tested, it doesn’t work.”
Out of these core values we have developed a number of axioms that help arbitrate our decisions. To find out more about how MicroTools works, check out our Business Axioms.