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What We Do At MicroTools

We make companies successful! Did you know that most new product launches fail? The Harvard Business Review reports that 70-80% of all new products fail. Looking back over our 30+ years, we have been privileged to work on a lot of new products. Sometimes designing the entire product; sometimes just the hardware; and sometimes just the software. Of the 50 new products that we have designed for our customers, 43 have made it in the market place. That is amazing. Check out our History page and see what we have done. Find out how we can help you by calling or emailing us today.

We make our clients successful by providing embedded systems designs throughout New England and the Northeast. Although we have done business outside of the Northeast, when you design hardware and systems, it is so much easier when you are within driving distance from your client.

With expert engineering we Define, Develop, and Deliver for the embedded systems market:

Internet of Things (IoT)
Smart Connected Devices
Circuit Board Schematics
Software / Firmware Systems
Embedded Operating Systems (ex: Linux)
Embedded Medical Devices

Product Design Features / Focus

Encrypted, Cyber-secure Communications
Wireless Integration (Cellular, WiFi)
Cloud Data Connectivity
Cloud Server-Side Solutions
Over-The-Air Software Updates
Low Power Consumption
Price Sensitive Designs
Component / Part Longevity
Rapid Time-To-Market Project Scheduling
Network Provider Certification and
Regulatory Testing Support (FCC, FDA, CE, UL)

Our Embedded Solutions

Smart Energy – Smart Cities
Remote Control / Monitoring
Medical Devices
Healthcare and the Internet of Things (IoT)
Automated Test Systems
Hydrogen Fuel Cell Controls
GPS Fleet Tracking
Time / Attendance Devices
Motion Controls – Servo Systems
Cloud-Connected Vending

Our Engineering Services

Our team of engineers provides embedded systems solutions:

Engineering Design Services
Engineering Consulting
Engineer Staffing Resource
Proprietary Embedded Products

Embedded systems: Contact our team about the MicroTools partnership with Microchip

Authorized Design Partner with Microchip

Why Hire MicroTools?

Brick and Mortar – Here to Stay

Not many things are built to last these days. MicroTools is a company that was built to last. We define, develop and deliver embedded systems that last. Our company, located in Simsbury, Connecticut, has been in business since 1988 and has lasted through several economic down-turns. Products that we designed are still operational decades after they were first conceived. Read more about our history.

714 Hopmeadow Rd Suite #14 Simsbury, CT

Simsbury, CT

Time Tested Core Values

Get to know what MicroTools is about and how we do business.

Business Strategies
Core Company Values
Axioms for the Team
Business Solutions

Building Long-Term Relationships

At MicroTools, we work hard at creating and fostering a solid, long-term relationship with our customers.  As many may know, starting up a new contractor on a project or product can be a headache.  Making new contacts, aligning expectations, building trust, promoting a positive rapport, climbing up the learning curves, all take time and energy.

It is our goal to develop a relationship with our customers for the long haul.

With each new customer, we develop an understanding of your unique ideas, situations, and approaches; then build your trust with professional results.  We have many customers who have been with MicroTools for many years, and who keep coming back to have us design their next product.  Gives us a call and see what we can do for your business too.

From our customers:

“My relationship with Microtools has been nothing short of excellent. The team has an innate ability to listen and understand your needs as a customer…and then craft a project around those needs.
I also really appreciate the honest, open dialogue they have with me. It gives me as a customer a level of comfort-ability in knowing how the team is doing on my project and what  decisions need to be made. I always feel like I’m up to speed.” – Matt Cremins, CEO,  Voda, LLC

“MTI has been a great partner to Locus Energy, helping us build reliable data acquisition hardware for the solar PV industry. By providing a high quality one-stop design house for hardware and firmware with sharp attention to detail, MTI has both enabled our go-to-market and supported our growth. MTI operates with very high integrity, and has been a pleasure to work with.” – Michael Herzig, President & Founder, Locus Energy

A History of Engineering Success

Embedded system design – it is what we love to do. As a developer, we are geared to your success. People have built whole companies around our designs.

Read more about two such companies.   embedded systems: Internet of Things - smart energyEmbedded systems: Portable Oxygen Concentrator - Medical Device

Other MicroTools customers include:

Accu-Time Systems, Inc.
Artis Energy
Dual-Lite/ Hubbell Lighting, Inc.
Infinity Fuel Cell and Hydrogen, Inc
KeepTruckin, Inc
Locus Energy, A Genscape Company
Next Health, LLC
NuPulseCV, Inc.
O2 Concepts, LLC
Victor Stanley, Inc
Vision Metering, LLC
Voda, LLC

Success means additions to your bottom line. One patent that we created brought in over 20 million dollars for one of our customers in licensing alone. The software designed for one customer is now deployed in over a quarter of a million embedded systems. Read more about how our creativity can add to your bottom line.

Our small team has more than two centuries of embedded design experience. Read more to get to know our team.

Our Proven Approach to Embedded Systems

At MicroTools, we follow a proven approach to embedded systems and our relationships with our customers and employees.

Read about our:

We are still helping launch new companies; helping old line companies create new secure Internet of Thing (IoT) versions of their existing products; and helping companies untangle some thorny problem. Hardware design; embedded software; system troubleshooting –  Read more about the full range of services we can provide for you.