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MicroTools is a Systems/Software/Hardware Engineering firm with expertise in:

Why Hire Us?

Do you want top notch and experienced software designers? In our team of 8 engineers, we have almost 200 years of experience! Are you finding good people hard to find and hard to retain? Find out how MicroTools can provide an excellent alternative to hiring a developer. Click here to find out more.


Do you want top notch system designers? Read what one customer said about an invention of one of our developers:

"This patent covers the "virtual encoder" that revolutionized the [our] motion controller. [We were] a small player before this invention and, as a result of this patent, [have] dominated this industry for more than twenty years."

Are you interested in moving your company from a small player to one that dominates your industry? We can help.

Fixed Price Contracts

Our fixed price contracts let you know exactly what you are getting and exactly what you are paying. Click here to find out more.

Testing, Testing and More Testing

MicroTools is committed to testing. It infuses our culture. Our motto is, "If it's not tested, it doesn't work!". Learn how MicroTools' culture of quality can become part of your development organization. Click here to find out more.

Software Process Evaluation and Improvement

Developing Software is the most complex task in the world. If your goal is to produce higher quality software in a timely and cost effective manner, Click here to read about how MicroTools can help.

Read about us in Circuit Cellar

Since October 2011, we have been writing an article every other month for the magazine Circuit Cellar. These articles deal with a variety of issues in developing embedded systems. We have dealt extensively with concurrency and are also looking at file systems. A significant number of articles deal with embedded Linux. For those of you who are interested in designing embedded systems you should get a copy of our Twenty-five essential embedded system design principles in the magazine's 25th Anniversary issue.


"If it's not tested,
it doesn't work!"

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If it's not tested, it doesn't work!
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