MicroTools, Inc.

Embedded Systems/Software/Hardware Engineering

What We Do

Not many things are built to last these days. MicroTools is a company that was built to last. We define, develop and deliver embedded systems that last. Our company has been in business since 1988 and has lasted through several economic down turns without laying anyone off. Products that we designed are still operational many years after they were first conceived. Read more about our history.

We are geared to your success. People have built whole companies around our designs. Read more about two such companies. Portable Oxygen Concentrator - Medical Device   Internet of Things: energy

More success is coming from projects we are not yet free to talk about.

And success means additions to your bottom line. One patent that we created brought in over 20 million dollars for one of our customers in licensing alone. The software designed for one customer is now deployed in over a quarter of a million embedded systems. Read more about how our creativity can add to your bottom line.


Our small team has more than two centuries of embedded design experience. Read more to get to know our team.

At MicroTools, we follow a proven approach to embedded systems and our relationships with our customers and employees. Read about our business strategies, our core values, the axioms that are derived from the core values, and the various business solutions we can help you with.
We are still helping launch new companies; helping old line companies create new secure Internet of Thing (IoT) versions of their existing products; and helping companies untangle some thorny problem. Read more about the full range of services we can provide for you.


Our team of engineers provides embedded systems solutions in a range of ways:



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